Here, I would like to offer you a place of sanctuary. With great intention, I am here to support you through life’s changing waters. As womyn it is vitally important to share in sisterhood through circle, where we can come together and support one another. Freedom lies within our bones ready to be exalted!

Connection among womyn is vitally important. It is where each of us can express freely of our inner being. There is a craving, a longing, just to be heard, to be seen, and to be honored for the hard, diligent work that we put in everyday to keep our lives afloat. Our ancestors knew this and sat in circle together, to honor life, Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon. I hear your calling, sister. MoonRise Yoga has been created to hold this container and space so we support one another. When we come together in sacred ceremony we honor the Divine Feminine and share in her archetypal energy!

MoonRise Yoga is a platform where we come together in sisterhood, community and celebrate the Divine Feminine energy. Through sacred Yoga practices, Moon ritual + ceremony, and womyn circle gatherings, MoonRise weaves these practices to connect back to your whole, natural, higher Self.


Chelsey Breta Moon 




Begins December 21





When each one of us begins to understand that the growth and knowledge we seek comes from within, then we can see that it's necessary to take responsibility for creating our lives from within. This means taking radical responsibility for our lives by healing wounds and making mends with the past, so we can be present, now! By choosing to take the course of healing a realignment takes place. The wounds that have been passed down breaks, causing a shift in future outcomes, creating a brighter future for people and Mother Earth alike. 

​When each of us step up to do the inner work, we Rise. The inner work is your path, your pilgrimage home to the heart. For some time we have been programmed to be distracted by the external accomplishments, validations, and material items. We have been told that to be successful it can only be through the eyes of others. When actually, connecting with the heart, do we feel a lightness of who we are. This is Spirit communicating! When this connection takes place we are able to gather our own ideas of success according to the heart's desires.

Let us be authentic in our nature, sisters. We have all been given unique gifts to share with the world. If each of us shared our gifts, if each of us stood in our voice, in our power, imagine the magnetic energy we would create. Let us connect as a sacred community, supporting and loving one another in sisterhood. We are here to experience joy and to exalt the bliss within to shine outward! We are here to know ourselves at our core. 

"Thank you, Breta, for your wonderful Yoga and Accountability series. I found it to be a wonderful way for me to reconnect to my Self through my breath, my body and my other senses in an incredibly creative way. Your gentle nature and expertise put me at ease when I struggled to keep up or had difficulty with a certain pose. I always felt nourished and held by you every week, which encouraged me to keep attending. I look forward to your next offering." - Celeste 
>> Ashland, Oregon


Sister, let us walk together on this path to remembering our true nature.

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Rise here, sister.