At a young age I heard, felt and could see something bigger than me. It wasn't until I began to release the confinement of conditioning that I could rejoice in my true Spirit. And still, it's a continuous journey to heal, mend and RISE. Through years of inner study, I know that Spirit is always with me, guiding and supporting me. I am not separate from this energy and can create anything that is aligned with my heart. 

On Sunday's we would drive out to my grandparents house, vividly, I recall having this immense feeling there is more than what I was being taught. I would feel so tiny and intuitively knew there was a force bigger than me, one that you could feel but not see. It would happen time and time again, this feeling would come, asking me to investigate. 

One day in my early twenties I decided it was time. Time to investigate and delve into the mysteries I had felt for many moons.  I have always been keen to the intuition I feel inside, so I made the leap forward into the wilderness of my soul. I heard the calling to attend yoga teacher training. Everything shifted from there.


I first studied 200 hours of foundational Hatha yoga in Bali, Indonesia, in the spring of 2015. I sat, listened and absorbed the intensive teachings. Upon arriving home everything started shifting for me. I began listening to the moon, the stars and the sky. Tuning into what was above me, I began to explore life’s zest. A beginning to the surrendering process, in which I continue to cultivate to this day. Yoga has allowed me to strip what no longer serves, by using right discernment of what is true in my heart. 

I began tracking my moon, menstrual cycle, and began to discover the rhythmic universe that pervades all around us. Again, there was something deeper that I began to uncover.

After a few years of sharing yoga teachings in the community of Bozeman, Montana I made the move to Southern Oregon/ Northern California. Here, I stepped into an off the grid goat ranch, sustainably fueled by dedication from the owner, Alison. This story of becoming the womyn I am today has been due greatly, to having a womyn elder inspire and encourage me to step up and show up even more for myself. She graciously provided a sacred and safe nest for me to create MoonRise Yoga. At the goat ranch, I began to keep a daily self yoga practice, in which I came to know Self-love more intimately. I began to love myself, aside from what society said that was supposed to look like.

I heard the calling again for something more, so I ventured again. This time to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica for another 300 hours of yoga study. Intentionally, I entered an environment that 

supported Womyn leadership and empowerment to create and develop this new world we long to live in. I released old patterns, I cried for the suffering that I had created for myself and the world. I surrendered to the Divine energy that permeates all beings. Slowly, a blossoming unfolded and revealed itself to me. I began to hear my soul’s calling, my heart pulsating for the new version of me. The one where I am able to create my story.  The calling is this platform of Moon Rise Yoga as a host for womyn to gather in sisterhood. 

As I listened to my inner child, I heard her remind me that all along I knew there was something bigger and deeper within myself. I am here to share my experiences, vulnerably and honestly so you may feel the comfort of the feminine energy that is rising now on Mother Earth. Thank you for being here, for sharing your light, even with changing waters. We are here for each other to RISE and to BE authentic beings. We all have gifts to share, I am here to help you explore these so you may too, share!
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Sister, let us walk together on this path to remembering our true nature.

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Rise here, sister.