Women Centered Offerings

Join us in connection through community as we deep dive into the energetics of the Moon Cycle, lean into the Art of Flow, and be held by like-minded women doing the work together.  


Moon Cycle Education 101
Community Class, Ashland OR

This community class for women takes place JULY 17th in Ashland, OR.

It is a two hour long workshop sharing about the physiology, anatomy, hormones, and phases that make up the moon (menstrual) cycle. Fertility Awareness Method will also be shared so you can make empowering choices around your fertility and well-being! 

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The Art of Flow
Group Mentorship 

This program is designed for women who are on their way to birthing their soul's vision or who already have a business. We work together to build a foundation in which you move from and into Divine Feminine through the Three Core Spirals of energy. Mentorship is accountability and I am here for you to reach your dreams!

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For WILD Women

Are you ready for a full immersion retreat where you can relax, be in presence and be in your wild, authentic Self? These are for you! We dive into cyclical living as a foundation to move from, partake in cacao ceremonies and plant medicines as tools for expansion, and rest in sacred sisterhood to be held and seen for the beings of light that we are! Stay tuned for the next retreat, June 2022, Montana. 


Wise Moon Way


Moon Cycle Yoga Membership

Within Wise Moon Way you will undertake small, transformative shifts by aligning with your Moon Cycle through Yoga. There is also a short 'Inner Guide' explaining each phases energy. These next steps are vital to living in harmony with your Inner Self, with your community and within the world. When you take control of your Moon Cycle you take control of your WILD power!